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Danis Studios

Next to the sea and onto the sidewalk in the tourist resort of Nea Vrasna, Danis Studios is the place for you to enjoy your vacation in a beautiful and elegant environment.

You can navigate in the wide area of Danis Studios to explore its nature and history: Hiking trails, biking trails, watersports, caves and archaeological sites such as Ancient Stageira and Castle of Rentina, are unique sites! You can also go for a walk also in the path of Makedonika Tempi, Richios River and Lake Volvi where unforgettable images and moments will fill your photo-album.



Maria Kiparissi Rooms





At the year of 1923, when Greeks forced to leave from Asia Minor, about 400 families from the village of Katirli of Vithinia, left their beautiful place and found a new place to fit in, as refugees, according to their parish they belonged to. 


Parishioners of the Saint Paraskevi church came to Stavros, creating the village "Paralia Stavros" and parishioner of the Saint John church went to Thssaloniki, founding the village "Neo Katirli" at today's Kalamaria municipality. Some months later refugees from the village of Madytos in Prousa added to the ones in Paralia Stavros and instantly embody to the village.




Lengthways of this beautiful beach, that spreads into a natural harbor and is surrounded from bright green mountains and charmed beaches, lays the village of Olympiada. It’s the third village of the area with refugees, beside Asprovalta and Stavros. Here settled 50 refugee families from Saint Kiriaki of Vithinia, after the persecution of Greeks, in 1922, from Asia Minor.

When the refugees came to this area, found a small village of about 10 families. The land was nothing but a swamp and people were infected by malaria. That was the reason why 1/3 of the first village population died in a few months, while many others spread out in other areas of Macedonia and Thrace.