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Market Guide "Agora"


   Welcome to the Market Guide "Agora" of Tourist Portal Strymonikos Online.


   The tourist portal of Strymonikos Gulf, Strymonikos Online (, developed the Market Guide "Agora" of the region. The aim of this action is to present, with a modern and functional website, professionals that are working in the region.


   Through our website, users can access daily all the information of registered companies 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Into this guide can be entered any shop, professional and/or company with or without a web presence.


   The existence of your company to our Market Guide "Agora" of Strymonikos Gulf , enables visibility to visitors from all over Greece and other countries. This guide is aimed at a broader audience, which is using the Internet as a tool to search the information he is interested.


   Strymonikos Online, 5 years now, promotes the villages and attractions of Strymonikos Gulf region. Our electronic newspaper informs the residents on what is happening around them. Internet users honour us with an average of 30.000 visits per month, at a pace that is growing rapidly.


   Register your company and use the Market Guide "Agora" to see and discover the local market, which deserves all our support.


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