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Theodoridou Eleni

  • Manager : Theodoridou Eleni
  • Public Ralations : Frantzi Ralio
  • Address : Asprovalta
  • Village : Asprovlata
  • Municipality : Agios Georgios
  • Zip Code : 57021
  • Prefecture : Thessaloniki
  • Tel. : (0030) 2397026026
  • Cell : (0030) 6974066624
  • Fax : -
  • Email : -
  • URL : -


The bookstore Theodoridou Eleni is located at Asprovalta since 2004, continually offering valuable suggestions for book readers.


At our bookstore can be found a rich collection of books, your favorite novel, children's fairy tale, literary, philosophical, psychological, historical books and also teaching materials. You can even order the book title you want and we will take care for its immediate delivery.


At the bookstore Theodoridou Eleni you will also find:

  • School supplies from companies Benetton, Sisley, Onel, Me to you, Rebel, Lasy be, Hello kitty, Iron man, Bee baabo, Paul frank, Converse.
  • Playmobil toys exclusively, Haba, Puzzle ravensburger.
  • Plenty of consumable materials such as office supplies and painting.
  • Gift items from well known companies such as Cia Sandra, Xippo and of course at very affordable prices.


Our products are updated periodically to continuously covering market trends. At the book market we try as possible to host all the new book titles to keep you informed.