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El Greco Tavern


El Greco is a traditional Greek cuisine since 1976 located at Nea Vrasna. Here you can enjoy the authentic traditional cuisine of selected snacks and the most delicious meals.


A graphical tavern well known to regular tourists and to people from the area, has been serving its excellent cuisine to its customers for more than two decades.



The creperie Neon is located at Nea Vrasna sidewalk, only few meters from the beach. Designed to be a calm and relaxing place, for you to enjoy your coffee or a drink, your snack or a dessert.


In creperie Neon, you can enjoy your coffee or your drink accompanied by delicious desserts, such as donuts, cheese cake, banofee, chocolate lovers and apple pie. You can also try some of our snacks, such as crepes, salty and sweet, or to order your favourite toast, a club sandwich, and some of the numerous pies and cold sandwiches of your choice.



In the central road of Nea Vrasna, just before the main square, is located, the last 2 years, the grillhouse "Poseidon". It offers delicious roast for all tastes from 10 am until late of night.


Consisting of the highest quality local meats, our menu includes all kinds of greek fast food: gyros, souvlaki, burgers, stuffed burgers, sausages, which you can accompany with your favourite drink (beer, retsina) and refreshments.

Beach Bar Kyklades


The Beach Bar Kyklades is the leader, for over 19 years, for both daily entertainment and nightlife. At the centre of the beach of Nea Vrasna is a beacon of entertainment, emitting luxurius dancing vibes that collect the youth.


Hectic pace from experienced DJs, explosive... cocktails and unexpected guests is the substantial menu that Kyklades offers at warm summer nights.



The Club Bollero is at the centre of Asprovalta, approximately 200m away from the beach, waiting to entertain you, while the Beach Bollero is spread on the beach, just 10 meters from the beach, to help you relax.


The two owners of Bollero, Babis and Teo, make sure that you’ll get memorable fun in a exquisite and friendly environment.