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House - Building



The Ergon Technical Office, of Kouvakli Stavroula Graduate Civil Engineering of Construction Engineering, is located at Nea Vrasna and is involved with the construction sector, planning and developing projects of civil engineering.


Our office undertakes the following tasks: Issuance of building permits, Supervisions,

Topographical diagrams, Legalization of arbitrary buildings...

Tents Ververis (Stavros & Son)


In Ververis (Stavros & Son) you will find integrated and pioneer shading systems, to initiate you to new technologies and you can choose the tradename of awning fabrics, of shading systems, awnings, of motors and automation you want.


You will be amazed by our expertise and our quality. We are at your side willing to create what ever you want with reliability, security and consistency.

Triantafyllou Panagiota

The Technical Firm of Triantafylloy Panagiota, a Graduate Engineer Architect of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is  located in Stavros, Thessaloniki and undertakes the following services

  • Issuing of building permits