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  • Manager : Tazoglou Aristidis
  • Public Relations : Tazoglou Sofia
  • Address : Nea Vrasna
  • Village : Nea Vrasna
  • Municipality : Agios Georgios
  • Zip Code : 57021
  • Prefecture : Thessaloniki
  • Cell: (0030) 6949230939
  • Email :
  • URL :

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At the region of Nea Vrasna, near to Nea Vrasna - Egnatia exit of Egnatia Street, in a extent of 6 acres is found our family's agro-touristic farm Ippokosmos (wich means the world of horses in greek).

    Our love for the animals, familliar to all the people in Nea Vrasna, brought occasionally in our courtyard from dogs and cats, up to pigeons, hens, turkeys, guinea fowls, peacocks and from ducks and geese up to pheasants, rabbits and goatling. Three years ago we realised a life time dream. We bought our first horse, named Maro. With Maro began our induction to the magic world of horses.

    One year later, when our love for the horses led to the purchase of three more horses, began the idea to creat our own family agro-touristic farm in which we would transport all the animals that we entertained in our courtyard. A farm where the visitor could ride the horses, participate in the care of animals and our biological garden and be initiated in this way in the secrets of life near the nature and the animals.

The kind of life that we the eldest we have forgotten by living in the big cities and even more that our children hadnt ever experienced.