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El Greco Inn

  • Manager : Xoveris Konstantinos
  • Address : Nea Vrasna
  • Village : Nea Vrasna
  • Municipality : Agios Georgios
  • Zip Code : 57021
  • Prefecture : Thessaloniki
  • Tel. : (0030) 2397022063
  • Cell : (0030) 6946018981
  • Fax : (0030) 2397025715
  • Email :
  • URL :
  • Hotel's Registration Number (ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.) is: 0933Κ133Κ0376400


The El Greco Inn is located at the municipality of Agios Georgios of Thessaloniki, at the local apartment of Nea Vrasna. The area is one of the favourite holiday destinations for many European families, and of Greek visitors.


In a mixing with past and present, traditional and modern, the El Greco Inn wich located at the beach of Nea Vrasna, charms any visitor with its unique, hospitable and luxurious rooms.


Each summer El Greco Inn, only 10 metres from the beach, offers every visitor their essential feeling of comfort, relaxation and peace away from the stress of the city.


One and only visit can cover the needs even of the most demanding visitor, leaving you the urge to visit us again...