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Cave Drakotrypa

Σπήλαιο "Δρακότρυπα" στα Βρασνά


  Near to the village of Vrasna, on the way to an area called Kakia Skala and on a hill-side, on the top of it can be found remains of an old gun emplacement used in times of war, is located the cave Drakotripa. It’s a small cave with a special scientific interest about the way it was formed and developed.


  Caves usually are created into limestone. At Drakotripa’s case, the caves area and the whole area are dominated by biotic gneusios, which are crossed through pigmatic veins. In the whole area can also be found some large lens or layers of crystalloid calcium, possibly a result of transformation or deformation of the contact with coal rocks.


   The cave follows the main way of development for systems of pigmatic veins

. Drakotripa’s creation was a result of tectonic reasons, of corrosion and chemical solution of calcium stones. The argil found in cave’s walls must be a result of the alteration of argil-slicic minerals of gneusios and pigmatites.


  Three chambers that are communicated through small and restricted passages compose Drakotripa. The biggest chamber is the one that shows the most remarkable decoration. The decoration, made out of stones, indicates the presence of calcium-stones being eroded in the past.


  Inside of the cave find a shelter a large number of bats, as the thick layer of woano indicates in the floor of the cave. The bones found into the cave are skeleton remains, possibly from ancient times. Into the first chamber have been found human bones and into the second chamber some goat and pig bones.