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Natural Resources




Terrestrial Vegetation


  The particular climate and soil conditions that characterise coastal land areas are reflected in their typical vegetation. These areas may include both ecosystems that are exclusively coastal in nature (sand dunes, salt marshes, estuaries, lagoons, etc.) and others that aι-e not limited to coastal zones (brushwood, pine forests, deciduous and broad-Ιeaνed forests, etc).


  In the coastal zone of Strymonikos and Ierissos Gulfs a total of 808 plant species and subspecies have been recorded, some of which are threatened and are protected by Greek and European legislation and by international conventions.



Coastal Animals


  The fauna of an area is related to form of vegetation. Animals select areas where they can easily find food and water and. At the same time an area must provide safety, so they can create their nest and reproduce. In the area it have been recorded 225 animal species and many of them are under the threat of vanishing and protected by Greek and European laws and international conventions.


  The coastal animals found in Strymonikos and Ierissos gulf can be distinct into five categories: