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Amusment Park


In the east border of Asprovalta, before the place called Riviera, in a place called Platania was created, in 1988, the Natural Amusement Park. The aim of the municipality’s administration was to elevate the rich natural site adding some mild form mediations. Also to develop activities that will lead to visitor’s sensitization, mostly of young children, over subjects like the protection of nature, and to develop ecological conscience.


The visitors of Natural Amusement Park can enjoy, in a 25.000m2 area, a peaceful day away from noises and habits of every day life. It’s ideal for families with young children,  because the area is enclosed, and has the potential for safe playing, in the football and basketball courts, and for the desirable contact with nature and animals, the one that children of modern cities has lost.


Horses, donkeys, goats and lambs on one side and ducks, parrots and pigeons on the other, are composing a unique environment. The mascot of the park is ostriches, swans and deers that steal children’s attention. The Natural Amusement Park is a shelter for masterless cats and dogs. Visit them and don’t hesitate to take one of them to your home. They deserve a home.


Inside the park there is a public refreshment room, where the elders can enjoy their coffee or taste some of his specialties. Finally along with the age-old plane trees has been created stone-made roasters that are waiting to prepare the most delicious lunches.