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Cultural Haunt


The Cultural Haunt in Anw Stavros, is the recreation room of the club Morfwtikos Athlitikos Sillogos "Aetos" Anw Stavros. Here you will find a library, an exhibition of photographs of Anw Stavros, games, free internet access, videos with highlights of various club activities and photographic material from its inception til today.


In the Haunt carried out many educational and cultural activities such as lectures, cultural events, music nights, etc.


The objective of this effort was to get in touch with ordinary people, with whom we share common interests and concerns, and to achieve the cultural enhancement of our village.


The Haunt's establishment had the support of the municipality of Rentina and the voluntary participation of members and friends of the club.


The Haunt is located in Anw Stavros right across of

Το Πολιτιστικό Στέκι βρίσκεται στον Άνω Σταυρό across from the old Elementary School.


source : MAS AETOS