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Welcome to the net guide of Strymonikos Gulf. After months of passionate and hard work Strymonikos Online is accomplished.


Here you can collect information about the history and the side views of the area. You can be informed about the beauty of Strymonikos Gulf’s villages, their cultural characteristics. You can find all the necessary details related with your vacations to the area, starting from useful phone number for hotels and renting cars and apartments to all kinds of stores (clubs, taverns, restaurants, cafés, bars, supermarkets, clothing shops etc).


Strymonikos Gulf, named after Strymonas River, is located in north-central Greece on the borders of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and Serres prefectures. Surrounded from mountains Cholomontas and Vertiskos the area is nature’s masterpiece. Strymonikos Gulf’s villages are outstanding resorts that can satisfy all kinds of tourist desires. Rare nature’s monuments (Makedonika Tempi, Platania), ancient cities (Stagira, the birth place of philosopher Aristotle) and 20Km of golden-sandy beaches are waiting to be discovered.


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