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Aristotle's Park

Aristotle's park is located in Stagira. The Theme park is located in a most outstanding area with a marvellous view towards the gulf of Ierissos and the whole peninsula of Athos. When the weather is clear you can see some of the monasteries on Mount Athos using the telescopes there.

It also includes a series of other instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. All of this is dedicated to the famous philosopher and his work called "the Natural". Solar clock, Lens, Compass, Pentaphone, Optical Discs, Pendulum, Water turbine, Inertia spheres, Parabolic reflectors and Telescopes are waiting to be discovered!!!


  • Solar Clock 
The horizontal solar clock shows the time at the geographical position we are at the moment. The difference with the official time is 1:25 during the summer and 0:25 during the winter. Between the curves, apart from the time, we can also read the month of the year we are now.

  • Lens
An individual photon (quantity of energy through radiation) carries minor energy, when though, a greater quantity of them is gathered at a particular point, and the resulting energy concentration is extremely high.


  • Compass
Philosophy is not the heritage of a country only; it is universal and belongs to humanity. The Aristotelian philosophy reached the far ends of the world and it is the basis of the contemporary scientific thinking.


  • Pentaphone
According to its specific gravity and mass, each material can produce a sound of individual frequency. These 5 pieces of granite sound according to the ancient scale of pentaphone.

  • Optical Discs
When images pass with high speed in front of the human eye, they cannot be detected as separate (cinema).

  • Pendulum
The energy of one of the systems that initiates the oscillation is transferred to the other due to conjunction. The effect is that the oscillation width is reducing into the first system, while it is increasing into the next.


  • Water turbine
The supplied energy by rotating the lever, creates a swirl in the liquid, same as the rotation of the wind, creates a tornado.

  • Inertia spheres
Impulse created from the shock of the spheres, is transported gradually from the first sphere to the last.


  • Parabolic reflectors
Sound in form of a wave, is transported through the air and reflects on the surface of the parabolic reflector. During reflection, energy is collected to the centre of the reflector, from where it is reflected back to the source.

  • Telescopes
With the telescopes somebody can enjoy the view of Ierissos' gulf and the Mount Athos peninsula.