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Accommodation Infos

Manager : Thodoris Papadopoulos
Location: Asprovalta
Prefecture: Thessaloniki
Phone: +30 23970 26515
Phone: +30 23970 26626
Cell: +30 6970480111
GNTO Registration: 0933K122K0455200
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Accommodation Description

Petalo Rooms are located in Asprovalta, right on the sandy beach and the blue-green sea of Strymonikos bay.

Our rooms offer all necessary facilities for f amily summer holidays as they are thermo-insulated and sound-insulated designed and decorated to provide a calm environment to their visitors. Each room can accommodate 2-4 persons!

You will never forget the sight that you will enjoy from the balcony of your room: the sunrise in the morning and the moonrise in the afternoon. Our hotel is the ideal accommodation for carefree family summer vacation.

Accommodation Facilities

Equipped Kitchen
Air Conditioning
Large Public Kitchen
Sea View
5m from the beach
WiFi Internet
Shower / WC
Hot Water 24/7
Mountain View
50m from playground

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