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About Strymonikos Online

Strymonikos Online (www.strymonikos.net) is an online travel guide of Strymonikos Bay, since 2005. In our guide you can find all the important details for your summer vacation in our resorts.

First of all, we live in the area of Strymonikos Bay and each detail we provide on our website is almost 100% accurate. We love our job, we love our summer resorts and we are willing to give you the best hints you need to decide about your vacation in our paradise.

Also, we know the owners of our accommodation for many years now. Strymonikos Online is up since the summer of 2005 and most of the owners are with us since then. We know these accommodations, we have visit them many times, we took most of their presentation photographs, we designed most of their websites.

Furthermore, we are online most of the day time. Most of the messages sent to us thru our chat, or thru our Facebook Page are replied minutes later. Our services are provided to you 100% free.

Finally, thru Strymonikos Online, several thousand guests have found accommodation in the area of Strymonikos Bay.

This Is Our Paradise


Asprovalta rewards visitors with the hectic pace of each summer night. Simply go for a walk in the pedestrian zone and you’ll understand our point of view.


Stavros combines the illusion of a small island with its narrow alleyways and the fishing boats with the amenities that a modern tourist resort provides its guests.

Nea Vrasna

Nea Vrasna offer great summer vacation for families with children. Take with you the necessary toys for the beach and get ready to build sandcastles with them.

Vrasna Beach

In Vrasna Beach is you, your dear ones, the sun and the sea. Far from any kind of distraction here you will enjoy a relaxing summer vacation.

Part of Our Paradise


Vrasna is amphitheatrical built on a green slope at the foot of Kerdyllia and is characterized by its traditional houses, who travels the visitor to past decades.


In the shadow of Stagira, the city where philosopher Aristotle was born, Olimpiada is a great summer destination offering breathtaking beaches.

Ano Stavros

Ano Stavros will impress visitor with the magnificent panoramic view of Strymonikos Bay. Nature lovers don’t forget to follow the hiking paths of Stratonikos Mountain.

Mount Athos

Visit the monasteries of Mount Athos, or take a cruise around Mount Ahtos, to get an incredible life experience that will follow you for the rest of your life.

We Love Our Paradise

We design www.strymonikos.net with a user friendly interface, a modern approach, and many, many new features. Browse, discover and understand why you should also call Strymonikos Bay a Paradise!

Simply plan your vacations in our Paradiase! Our resorts are a popular, travel destination for almost 50 years. Most of our visitors choose our resorts over and over again.

Send us your favorite moment from your summer vacations in our paradise.

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