Let us introduce you: Vrasna Beach

Are you looking for a quiet, carefree summer experience, away from annoying noises, focusing on simple but quality delights?
Are you looking to fill your photo album with unforgettable summer pictures?
Vrasna Beach is your summer destination!!!

Vrasna Beach Snapshots

Must Taste It

First of all, have dinner on a restaurant on the water front of Vrasna Beach, combining the enjoyment of tasteful appetizers with the enjoyment of a sea view.

Must Try It

Furthermore visit Vrasna, a beautiful mountain village only 3,5Km away where you will find old mansion houses built of stone and wood incorporate architectural skills of a past time.


Must Enjoy It

Finally visit Bara, a small lake right next of the sea, where you can observe ducks and gooses. Your children will love it.

Sea_ Sun_ Summer

Organized Beach

Enjoy swimming to the well-organized 3klm beach, awarded with the E.U.’s «Blue Flags». The sea here is shallow enough for children.

Amazing Sunrises & Moonrises

The location of this resort is the top spot to watch sun rises from the sea. Don’t miss the August moonrise cause it’s really amazing!

Creating Family Memories

It’s time to experience summer in our village. Yes, it’s time to teach your children how to swim, how to build sandcastles or how to fish from shore.

Expect_ Explore_ Enjoy

Swimming at night

Swimming at night is an excellent choice in our resort. Combine that with a bonfire on the beach and you will discover what Greek Summer is all about.

Traditional Greek Dishes

Taste traditional or modern greek dishes in the numberous taverns of our village. Most of the taverns are a few steps away from the sea.

Making Friends

This resorts offers you the chance to make new friends, to have a summer flirt, to experience unforgettable summer vacations.

Vrasna Beach accommodations on Map

That's why we love Vrasna Beach

And that’s why we think this summer resort is the ideal destination of your summer vacations.