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Accommodation Infos

Manager: Spiros Frantzis
Location: Nea Vrasna
Prefecture: Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 23970 22774
Cell: +30 6976220365
GNTO Registration:
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Accommodation Description

Villa Smeraldo is a new, sophisticated tourist facility built in 2010 in Nea Vrasna, only  100 meters away from the beach. It consists of thirteen (13) double, triple and quad rooms, designed with a neoclassical aesthetic to offer all the amenities that our guests want.

In Cafe – Bar of Villa Smeraldo you start your day by tasting your breakfast and enjoying your coffee. In the evening, the outside cafe is waiting for you to relax tasting a cold beer or beverage of your choice.

Villa Smeraldo is an exceptional choice for your summer vacations.

Accommodation Facilities

Equipped Kitchen
Air Conditioning
Large Balconies
100m from the beach
WiFi Internet
Shower / WC
Cafe / Bar

Villa Smeraldo on Google Street View

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