Let us introduce you: Nea Vrasna

Are you looking to enjoy simple pleasures like building sandcastles or searching for seashells with your children?
Are you looking for endless summer nights or walking hand-in-hand along the beach?
Well, this is your summer destination!!!

Nea Vrasna Landscapes and Snapshots

Must Taste It

Accompany your evening walk in the pedestrian zone, with a roasted or boiled corn, which are prepared by street vendors.

Must Try It

Swim under the moonlight in the, always calm during the night, sea of Strymonikos bay. You will not regret it!

Must Enjoy It

Listen live traditional Greek music and dance to the rhythm of bouzouki. Many taverns offer this experience to their clients.

Sea_ Sun_ Summer

Organized Beach

Enjoy swimming to the well-organized 5klm beach, awarded with the E.U.’s “Blue Flags”.

Amazing Sunrises & Moonrises

Enjoy, watching sun rises from the sea, and you will be amazed by the changes of the colours in the sky. August moonrise is a must!

Creating Family Memories

It’s time to experience summer in this great summer resort and capture carefree moments for you and your family

Expect_ Explore_ Enjoy

Walking at night

Walk, at night, on the pedestrian zone, right next to the sea, and watch your children playing in safety. Yes, it’s time to start thinking for a night swim.

Traditional Greek Dishes

Taste traditional or modern greek dishes in the numberous taverns located interspersed in the village

Cocktails and friends

Cool off enjoying your favorite cocktails, under the starry Greek sky. Time to chat until the early morning hours.

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That's why we love Nea Vrasna

And that’s why we think this summer resort is the ideal destination of your summer vacations.